Our Home Studio: Jaia Yoga & Spirit of the Rose


I love working out. I know that may sound crazy, but I really do. I get addicted to the highs and want more. (Now, I’m actually starting to sound crazy…) But sometimes my work out obsession can be harmful. I’ll get injured or stress out my body and I’ll be pretty much forced to take a break. This cycle of extremes was really hard for me, but then I found yoga. (Yes, I drank the Kool-aid.) I started out with a few yoga videos and then a class or two, but it wasn’t until I found the studio I now call my home studio, that I really got into it.


While you don’t have to go to a studio to do yoga, this place has really changed my mentality on working out, relationships (the one I have with myself and others), and just life in general. There are some classes I go to, I come out feeling like I’ve been to therapy, worked out, and gone to a social event all in one. Some of my favorite and most influential people are at this studio, I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this studio. 




It's more than just a place to work out. Most of the relationships I have with my teachers there go beyond the studio walls and spill into afternoon lunches, dance parties and funny group messages. You can say that it’s because I pay them, but hey, you also paid for your sorority/fraternity friends and guess what? Worth it. 


We just wanted to give them a little shout out because we miss all of them so much. All the way in LA and we can’t begin to replace our little Norman yoga studio family. I can’t wait to see them in December. I’ll probably just move in there for a few weeks, so if you’re reading this, save me a spot next to you, Cory!

If you are in OKC/Norman area, please check JAIA Yoga Studio out! 

Darrel ❤️


Dom and I invented this semi-acro pose! Maybe...we should put it back in the bag or as a yogi, roll it back into that mat.