New Year, New Name

Hi guys! We hope y'all have had a wonderful start to 2017. 🎉We have some news to share with you and we hope it will inspire you to start the new year fearlessly and to follow your dreams.💫💭✨

Dominique and I have been working on a new project, and although we are still at the beginning stages and not sure if it's ready, we want to share our journey with you.👭The start to new things can be daunting, but we hope sharing our journey with you guys will make it less scary. So here it goes..Dominique and I started a denim line. 👖We started the prototyping stage in October, and many of our friends were quite shocked to find out that we picked up and left for LA. It has been some of the craziest months of our lives, but we are so glad and have learned so much, which we plan on sharing with you as well. 

Our denim brand is🎂 Cake Denim🎂. You can like us on Facebook, follow us on instagram and check out our newly launched website here. 🍰

We also want to address our name change. While we love our original blog name, Sloddgerz, and have come to take pride in our random, invented name, we feel it didn't give us a sense of direction. ⬇️↗️↘️⬆️Once we realized the message we wanted to convey to our readers, we decided to change our name to The Sister Startup. This name represents not only our business plans, but our ambitions. After all, every day is a new start and my sisters and I are constantly encouraging each other to pursue positive transformations, whether it be finding yourself trying a new diet, workout regime or way of thinking, every moment is a new chance to improve. 👍🏼 

So there you have it: a new year, a new blog name, and a new business. Maybe all of new will encourage us to post more often!



the former Sloddgerz sister, Darrel