Happy Healthy Heart Day❤️

I love you. Wait, did we just say..I mean write that? Too soon, right? Well, we don't think so. We've had this blog for almost six months now so that's right, we love you, especially if you've stuck with us this far. 😍Now that we proclaimed our love for you, let's get to the heart of our post. 



Every day should be filled with love, but Valentine's Day is a day for acknowledging it, and in its honor, we decided to show a little self-love with this healthy recipe. It's definitely Valentine's Day themed because we put as many red and pink ingredients in it. That was just for fun, but the recipe turned out pretty yummy. 

And even though our recipe may not contain chocolate, it has so many healthy benefits that we hope you can let its non-cocoa containing composition slide, just this once. 💋




Beet Salad with Citrus, Strawberry Dressing


1/2 beet root

1 pink lady apple

1 handful of parsley

2 tbsp pomegranate seeds

5-8 cherry tomatoes

grilled chicken


1-2 tbsp hemp hearts

1/4 cup goji berries


2 barhi dates

1/2 grapefruit 

2-3 strawberries

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar*

2 tbsp safflower or olive oil**

*Start off with half the amount and test the taste before adding the rest of the amount. Some people don't like the strong taste of apple cider vinegar. 

**I've used both oils and like them both, but safflower might have a less distinct taste which mixes better in this recipe. 

1. For the salad, wash and scrub the beet, but don't peel it, then grate it.

2. Prepare the rest of the salad ingredients, except the the spinach and hemp hearts, by washing and chopping them.

3.  Prepare the salad dressing by juicing the grapefruit, washing and chopping the strawberries and removing seeds from the dates. 

4. Add the dressing ingredients to a food processor (a blender would work too) and blend until liquified.

4. Add a handful or more of spinach to the ingredients, and sprinkle some hemp hearts over them. Top it off with your dressing and enjoy!

So have a wonderful day and hug and kiss as many people as you can today! 😘

❤️Much love! 

Your Valentine, Darrel