Birthday Love

The baby's birthday was last week! We LOVE her so much and hope she is having the best start to what will probably be a month long of celebrations! 🎂🎉Gabby's a December baby, but this summer tennis shoot is in honor of her sunny☀️ disposition and warm heart. ❤️ (As you've probably noticed, we can get pretty corny when we talk about each other.) So, in honor of Gabby's birthday, we thought we would play a little game including her and our favorite sport. 

So let's play a game of tennis 🎾..We will reveal one thing about Gabby per point. Depending on whether it's a smashing attribute or an unenforced error will decide who wins the point. We'll be using the standard tennis point system for one game. If you don't understand that, no worries. Just know that it's weird, doesn't make any sense, and that Gabby is the first score reported (GABBY-SLODDGERZ). 💁🏻- 👭

💚LOVE-LOVE💚: The first thing you should know about Gabby is that she's a social butterfly🐛(WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A BUTTER EMOJI?). She does a wonderful job of making sure people feel included. She can talk to anyone about anything and in a way that makes you feel like you've been her friend for ages👴🏻👵🏽. She's also an ace 👌🏼of a listener which helps keep our sister-triangledynamic in order. First point-Gabby! ☝🏼

FIFTEEN-LOVE: While she's amazing awake, she might actually prefer to be asleep😪💤. She's pretty good at it, being able to fall asleep 😴just about anywhere and all. But being good at sleeping means that she's not fun to wake up. She's not a mean morning person, she's just a 'you're gonna have to pull me out of this bed 🛌if you expect me to actually wake up' morning person. So, we'll take the this point hoping that she doesn't question our call. 

FIFTEEN-FIFTEEN: Another unique thing about Gabby is that she loves💗, loves💗, loves💗 Batman. If you see her in her Batman onesie, she's probably wearing her Batman swimsuit under it and carrying her Batman computer case, and in her spare time, watching Batman cartoons or reading Batman comics. The kid is obsessed, but it's cute so she wins this point. And of course, why would anyone go up against Batman?

THIRTY-FIFTEEN: Gabby is super smart!🤓 She's not only academically 📚intelligent but level-headed  💁🏻with her life and relationships. There's a reason why we always go to her for advice. She can take almost any problem, look it in the sweet spot, and smash it right back at life. 👊🏽

FORTY-FIFTEEN: It's double game point for Gabby, but tennis is a tricky game 🎾 so it's not over yet. The three of us love singing. If you ever get in the car with us, you better be prepared to jam-every time and the whole time. So it's safe to assume Gabby loves music. She has good taste and likes to sing along🎵, she even has a pretty good voice, but if you have to share a bathroom 🛁 with her, it doesn't matter if she sounds like Whitney Houston, there are some days you'd wish she'd skip the shower 🚿because you'd rather have the smell than the sound.😲 We barely win this rally.

FORTY-THIRTY: Since Gabby is the baby, our mom tends to, well, baby her. We know our mom loves all of us, but it's hard not to think she has a favorite, when she's constantly giving Gabby our clothes, prefers to sit next to her at church, and stares at her with adoring eyes. We are playing into the two evil, step-sister roles here and are gonna cheat a little. 😈😈What? It looked out to us. 🙅🏻

DUECE: The way Gabby runs is another reason to love her. She did cross-country in high school, but we aren't talking about that. When we go on sister 'runs', Gabby tends to skip, hop and dance around us. She makes any physical activity a blast! Slow clap 👏🏼🎾🌟🎉✨💫😎☀️🌞🌻 for Gabriella's advantage. 

AD GABBY: Gabriella is one of the most kind, genuine people we know. 💜 We aren't being biased just because she's our sister. She has a compassionate 💟 heart that she uses every day whether it's helping a friend in need or kindly talking to a stranger. ✌🏽🗣

Game, Gabriella! There are a million more reasons why she's amazing, but we'll save some for later. She's definitely won our hearts and we hope you will join us in wishing her a sensational year! 🎖🏅🏆

The Sloddgerz (older) sisters💋💋